Personal identities ebb and flow. Our concept of “self” evolves with our life experiences. Sometimes it seems like we have a firm grasp on our identities while, other times, we feel lost. Photography is frequently a medium used to observe, document and express identities. Sometimes, though, it is an exercise in rediscovering or reforming a sense of self.

Join us at the White House Studio Project for ‘Identity Lost’, a group show that is an antithesis to the CONTACT Photography Festival’s theme of ‘Identity’, as we celebrate the journey of identity, not the destination.

-Nathaniel Addison

-Stephanie Avery

-Geoff Fitzgerald

-Dawa Fruitman

-Lodoe Laura

-Jesse Milns

-Jessie Park-Wheeler

-Katrina Thorn



6:00 to 11:00 pm

@The White House Studio Project

277.5 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M5T 2M1