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by jihee on February 5, 2018



by The White House Studio Project
Deadline: Feb 18

The White House Studio Project is pleased to present IN SPACE, a 5-month thematic exhibition and panel series facilitating visual and conversational discourse on Toronto’s current social and political spaces as experienced by marginalized and disenfranchised groups. Each month will approach the theme from a different lens of experience, such as (but not limited to): queer, racialized, female-identified and Indigenous. Whether it be conceptual, physical, emotional, or political, a person’s understanding of and interaction with “space” is now critical. In a time when all space is so highly coveted, in short supply and run by the extremely concentrated power elite, those on the ground have begun searching for solutions to this inequity.

All exhibitions will be supported by artist talks and community panel discussions, the results of which will be incorporated into a comprehensive exhibition catalogue.

Curators and their teams are expected to organize the majority of their exhibition, with the White House available for assistance when necessary.

Other curatorial responsibilities include:

- Participation in fundraising ventures.
- Work with The White House to come up with a list (about 3-5) community organizations you would like to approach to host your respective panel discussion in. It should be relevant to the marginal body you are representing.
- Work with the White House to come up with a short list of speakers for your panel discussion (A maximum of 3). They may be artists from the exhibition, but keep in mind there will be a separate artist talk scheduled for the exhibition.
- Write and disseminate a call for submissions to artists if you do not already have specific artists in mind.
- Write a short (500-800 word) curatorial essay for the exhibition.
- Coordinate installation and take down of exhibition.
- Liaise between artists and the White House Studio.
- Provide The White House with exhibition information (artist names, titles, images, etc.) for marketing and website.

In Space is a funded series that includes a budget for artist, curator, and production fees.

To apply as a curator please send a CV and 150-200 word curatorial statement to

The White House Studio Project is an independent multi-platform arts collective aimed at producing, presenting, and supporting emerging art and art projects. It is located in the Kensington Market neighbourhood.