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Leone McComas
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Stephanie Avery

Stephanie Avery has been a White House member since June, 2013
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Vision. Clarity. Alacrity. Probity. Eclat. Je ne sais quois. Esprit d'escalier. Feduciary acumen. These are just a few of the words that only begin to barely start merely scratching the surface of the beginnings of the understanding of the totality and gestalticularosty which is the notion of the body of what can joyously, but seriously, be called work...of Stephanie Avery. Born in Ottawa. Trained in Toronto. Forged in fire. Drenched in sweat. Held in perpetuity. Arrow’d in the knee. The joint. Articulation. Elaboration. Collaboration. Fantabulation. In the nation. A compilation. A catalogue. Flip through. Focus. Look. See. High fives!